Here’s what is included in the Forgiveness and Freedom affiliate program:

When you recommend our downloadable products and programs  to everyone you know, you enjoy a commission of 30%.

Opening to Love: A Weekend of Forgiveness and Freedom, is coming up October 23rd and October 24th and I want to reward you generously for helping introduce my work to people who otherwise might not have access to what I’m offering.

The program costs $97, or $127 (this option 2 includes MP3s’). Use this affiliate program as a way to  invite those you care about to take the program and earn some cash.

There are 2 ways for you to become an affiliate (skip to #2 if you’re not technical at all):

1. Click here right now (if you are technically savvy with my shopping cart e-junkie) to join our Affiliate Program.

Or, follow the directions below in green to a T (I just checked them myself and they work even for my right brain) and this will be a graceful sign-up.

How to obtain your affiliate link (step by step directions)

  1. Log onto
  2. Register by adding your email and creating a password
  3. You will be emailed an activation code. Enter the activation code in Ejunkie.
  4. You will be redirected to a page where you can (and must in order to get paid) fill in your Paypal email address where you want to get paid (payment will be directly into your Paypal account within 45 days of the program to allow for accounting)
  5. You will be redirected to a page where you can get your Affiliate Code . If you haven’t logged in yet-make sure you do and then click on Affiliates on the top light blue navigation bar.
  6. On the next page click on Affiliates Admin (2nd choice on light blue navigation bar on top)
  7. On the next page under “Manage Your Affiliate Account” (in red) Click on the bullet GET AFFILIATE CODE
  8. Next page under Select Merchant The merchant is Forgiveness and Freedom
  9. Click on Get Affiliate Code (second red button).
  10. Next page: Get a Product Specific Affiliate Link (not the general hop-link that takes you to my homepage) ,  So-under, GET PRODUCT SPECIFIC LINK (in red) it should say “Compassionate Forgiveness Telecoaching – 30 % has Hop-link – there is an arrow on the right-CLICK IT to bring up other products from Forgiveness and Freedom.
  11. You’ll see Open to Love Weekend Option 1 or Option 2. Click either one- you will receive credit once someone goes to the site and buys from the site (even if they leave and buy at a later date)
  12. Then click GET AFFILIATE CODE button below it.
  13. Next page: The specific code comes up: THIS IS YOUR AFFILIATE LINK to put into an HTML page.
  14. There are instructions there for how to copy and paste the code for a PC or Mac.

I’m not too technical -but this is the exact process I just did. I signed up as an affiliate to test it and it worked!

And if you are not using a page with HTML to advertise this weekend intensive or any of my programs (each has a separate code)-this is what you do:

How to obtain your affiliate link URL from the standard link code provided in Affiliate Admin

The code you are given in Affiliate Admin is the complete HTML code required to create a link, so you’d just paste that as-is into your Web page’s source code. If you want to place a link somewhere that does not allow you to paste HTML, you will need to extract the link URL out of the code you obtain from Affiliate Admin. If the HTML code for your Affiliate link looks like this:

<a href="" target="ejejcsingle">Click here to view more details</a>

…then the URL portion of that (which you can provide to or paste into a plain-text email or a browser address bar) would be just this part:

The XXXXXX and YYYYYY parts in these examples would, of course, be different for you, and unique to your own particular codes/URLs. Note that the URL does not include the target="ejejcsingle" from the full link code.

You can copy and paste this URL portion in plain text and even change the address through TinyUrl.

One more thing:

If you are already registered,

  1. Log onto
  2. Make sure you are on the Affiliates tab at the top right hand side of the page and follow the instructions to get your affiliate code.

2. Alternative affiliate option….the good old-fashioned way

If your head hurts when you read the instructions above (I’ve been there) you can refer people to my program the old-fashioned way. Send them directly to the salespage:

After they sign-up they’ll receive an assessment form and I’ll ask them who referred them. Simple.

What I’ll need from you is

  • a separate email (send it to me right away) to telling me that you’ve advertised my weekend event to your friends, family and lists and the date (s) so I’ll know to be on the look out for your name in the registration assessment forms. If I don’t receive your separate email before the event begins (in this case on October 22nd), letting me know you’re an affiliate YOU WILL NOT GET PAYMENT! (The accounting is too difficult)
  • Include your full name, your mailing address, your email and your phone number (in case I have any questions).
  • Put Affiliate Commissions in the subject line
  • You’ll receive your check  in the mail or into your PayPal account 45 days after the program is completed (to allow for accounting). If you would like to have the referral fee go directly into your paypal account at that time make sure to state you would like that option and give me your correct paypal email address. (Be aware that there is a small transaction fee that PayPal charges that will be taken out of the payment to you).

Some important things to know:

1. You will not receive the affiliate commission discount off of your own personal purchase of any of my products or services.

2. Referral payment will be made 45 days after the end of the live event. (Make sure to send me a separate email with Affiliate Request in the subject line and the approximate dates you will be advertising if you have chosen the old fashioned way)

Thank you so much for helping me with my mission of spreading the message of the power of forgiveness to thousands of people this year.

Have a beautiful day.

Abundantly yours,

Brenda Adelman