Are you stuck?

Do you want to let go of your attachment to a person or an event in your life but you just don’t know how?

Maybe you don’t think it’s possible.

Let me show you how by letting go you can truly tap into every part of your  authentic Self without getting depressed, angry or blocked.

What if you could use all those emotions that you’ve been stuffing because they hurt so much and instead channel them into your art, or finding true love and living on purpose. What if the key to your freedom lied in the very thing you haven’t known how to look at and let go of?

Let Go of Your Past – No More Hurt, No More Fear, No More Worries

Create a Loving, Powerful Present Every Day

Join Me and I” ll Show you How to Open Your Heart and Love Again

Learn My Simple 3-Step Formula that has helped Hundreds of People.

Now It’s my gift to You!

Life is hard. Have you ever been going about your day feeling just fine, when all of a sudden this sense of uncontrollable despair settles in and takes over your mind?

Or you’re racing around running errands, trying to get everything done and you look across the way and you see someone smiling…you see how happy they are and wonder why you can experience that feeling when you are creating but you can’t experience that happiness in your regular life. Or maybe you haven’t felt that experience for way too long.

Your mind starts playing back the relationship you had years ago that made you happy…until he or she betrayed you when they cheated and left you, or you remember how good for nothing your father was and how if he would have respected your mother growing up then you’d feel better about yourself. If you’re a man-you’d be a better man. Or maybe it was your mother who was so controlling of you that you never had confidence. She still criticizes you today and yet you feel compelled to spend time with her now out of obligation. You don’t even realize there is another way!

You feel that endless loop of regret, remorse and wishful thinking about what could have been. It turns into resignation when you realize it’s never going to change. It’s a heavy feeling, that weighs you down.

The thing is….I know your pain. I know it from the everyday trials and tribulations we all face, but I also know it because of something traumatic I experienced.

I still remember arriving home to my apartment 15 years ago….the place was so clean…my fiance had cleaned it for me. I thought that was odd, but I was happy about it. His son was so quiet in the other room. The silence was odd-but again, I was happy. Then Len would tell me something that would change my life forever. It rings in my ears like it did then. First he said, “Brenda, how was your day?”

I chuckled, “It was so great. I met so many wonderful people at the workshop today. I’m sorry I didn’t call all day. I was networking.”

Len said, “I’m so glad your day was so beautiful. I wish every day was as beautiful. ..(pause)..You mother is dead. Your father called and there’s been some kind of accident with a gun.”

I froze in shock, as I recalled my father’s gun and how he taught me how to shoot when I was a little girl. I recalled the time as a teenager when my mother told me my father put that gun up to her head when she asked him for money. I recalled the restraining order she got against him one year earlier before they reconciled after their ten month separation. I remembered how my father tickled me when I was a little girl and how he kept all the drawings I made for him while I was growing up in his top bedroom drawer. I remembered how he lit up when I would come into his store as a teenager.

I felt my fiance’s 11 year-old son put his arms around my hips as he looked up at me with his big blue eyes. I pulled myself together for a moment as the tears still streamed down my face.

I looked at Andy, “I’m just sad because I found out my mother died. Sometimes people die before we think they will.”

Then everything went black. The color was sucked out of my world.

I‘d go through years of depression, cutting off my relationship with my father (whom I had loved dearly) when I realized that he shot my mother in the head. And I’d experience further devastation when he quickly moved in with and then married my mother’s older sister. I closed my heart down to protect myself from any more betrayal and abandonment.

Here’s a short article from the Newsday that came out two days after my mom died:

Newsday, October 3, 1995: MILL BASON WOMAN SHOT DEAD IN HOME. A 57-year-old woman was shot to death in her home in an affluent Brooklyn Neighborhood, police said yesterday. The victim, Barbara Adelman, had been shot once in the head and was found face up in her bedroom Sunday afternoon…no weapon was found.

-Copyright © Newsday, Inc. produced by Newsday Electronic Publishing

I had to shut my heart down. It didn’t seem like a choice. The devastation to my sense of Self was too much. I didn’t know what a boundary was-let alone a healthy boundary in those days. If my heart was open then my father would get in and poison me with his toxic emotions, words and fear. I’d naturally want to care-take for him as I always did in the dysfunctional set-up of my family. The only way I could say NO to him was to play over and over in my head what he did.

Have you ever obsessed about something negative?
You know, played what somebody did to you over and over in your head in order to stay strong and stay away?

The thing is-I’ve learned through my own experience and working with so many others that it’s an okay first move.
But what I absolutely know is that you have to get out of that place in order to be happy again.
You have to change the tape that’s playing in your head.
You must open your heart again -those parts of it that have been closed down (to stay strong)–if you want to experience true intimacy and love in your life.
It’s the only way.
The good news is that  this is in your hands to change!
I spent three very dark years, isolated in my small apartment and longing for the past. I had lost my entire family during that time. My fiance and I broke up. I was single and alone. There were days that I couldn’t get out of bed.
I know what it feels like to be so alone that you think that nobody cares about you. You don’t even care about yourself. When you think about it–how can others care for you if you don’t really care for yourself? Maybe they do care-but you can’t see it from this place of despair.
The one saving grace for me at the time, was being in acting class. (I had been an actress for several years) I could hide behind my characters and come to life playing them. This was important because I wasn’t living in real life. One night after class I went out for dessert with a friend and what he told me would change my life forever.
You’re probably wondering what it was.
The thing is, I’m hoping that something I say here or something you learn while listening to Opening to Love and practicing the tools in this program, will do for you what David’s words did for me.
He said, “Brenda, you know, if you take your life -you won’t be with your mother again.”

That was it. I had been silently (and maybe not so secretly) wishing I were dead so I could be with my beloved mother again. I just missed her too much. I was living in the past-wishing I could have changed things and saved her and living in the future, actually fantasizing about being with her on the other side.
Wow. A light bulb went off and my path to freedom opened up.
It would be years before I could get a handle on everything and truly love myself again. It would be years before I learned how to forgive my father and eventually myself. That’s what was and is the most important part of my story.
You see I could only forgive my father as much as I forgave myself for my poor choices. (I go into this in the program). More importantly I could only receive love from other people to the point I could love and appreciate myself.
This is pivotal to all my teaching.
Let me say it again. I could only receive love from other people to the point I could love and appreciate and honor myself.
And it’s the same for you! You can only love someone else, receive love from someone else to the point that you can truly love yourself.

Here’s an interview I did for Fox-TV News about the forgiveness work that I have been led to do because it freed me from the bondage of my anger, my remorse and my closed heart:

Fox Channel 2 Hawaii

with Kathy Muneno

One of the participants in my recent Opening to Love Weekend event was at the end of her ropes. Her anger toward what happened in the past, the betrayals she experienced as a child were bleeding the joy out of her.

Here’s how her life transformed after doing the exercises you’ll be learning:

“Brenda! You are one of the most beautifully unselfish people I know. After personally experiencing your Opening to Love Weekend, I can honestly say that I came out a changed person. The little girl that hid inside for the past 40 years is breathing again, and singing a sweet song! She is at peace now…thank you…I Love You!” 

Leah Frieday,

How many times have you been told to “just get over it?”

Get over the betrayal, the let down, the disrespect, the abandonment, the cheating, being double-crossed?

Would you ever say that to someone you love? Without giving them direction and guidance on how to do that?

That part of you that is so sad about not getting what you want is also so precious and needs to be treated with care. That’s what you’ll get in this program. The care you need.

It’s time to stop:

  • beating yourself up
  • numbing out by doing too much (drinking, eating, partying, shopping, drugs)
  • jumping into yet another bad relationship so you can focus on them and not you… and more importantly-not be alone
  • trying to lose more weight with no success
  • not going after your dreams

I’ve done each of these things and it doesn’t work. I was the queen of ‘bad’ relationships. My dates were never emotionally available. How could they be? I wasn’t emotionally available even to myself. I was totally cut off from my emotions back then.

***Now I’ve been in a romantic partnership that’s based on healthy communication and loving, for over ten years – this is what happens when you open your heart!

Order now to… 

Learn to be irresistible to others so you attract your perfect support system of friends and romantic partnership.

Learn to set healthy boundaries while you open your heart so you protect yourself.

Say yes when you mean to and no in an honoring way.



In my experience you get over it (the break-ups, the losses, the grief) by getting through it -not by closing down.

Like Alanis Morissette’s song verse-“The only way out is through”

What if you could go through it by loving yourself more—loving all those parts inside that have been hurt and may even be buried? Maybe until now you haven’t realized how those parts are hurting you and keeping love away.

Pain comes out when it hasn’t been handled—as anger, resentment, a sense of entitlement, the way you act/ react with loved ones, strangers, authority and in poor health. There are countless books and studies about how unresolved anger can cause cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome. and the list goes on.

You don’t have to suffer any more.

Starting TODAY

Learn how to use your intuition to make the right decisions. No more covering it up by asking countless others who don’t really have the experience needed to make your decisions for you.

Let me help you move out of fear and a life of compromise into a full expression of the best of who you are!

Here’s another interview where I talk in detail about how I turned my greatest loss into my greatest creative expression. It took some time-but it happened. And it can happen for you.

Wouldn’t you like to have your heart sing too? The choice is yours!

AM Arizona (AZTV)

Forgiving the Unforgivable:

Path to Freedom

I’m not special. I learned by trial and error and spent thousands and thousands of dollars to find some relief from the pain of my closed heart. There was no one around who could relate to me when I was feeling my most depressed and filled with shame. Now that I’ve found several key ways to release the pain and transform that negative energy I am compelled to share it with you.

I’ve been leading workshops, teleclasses and coaching for several years and I know these steps work for everyone and they are foundational to your healing.

Here are the 5 Top Reasons (in no specific order) Not to Forgive and Open Your Heart taken from participants ( at the beginning of the workshops) who have taken my Forgiveness, Setting Healthy Boundaries and Heart Opening Workshops Over the years.

1. If I forgive this person and open my heart I am condoning what he/she did.  

2. My anger assures me that this person will never be in my life again.

3. They will hurt me again if I take the shield around my heart down.

4. Who would I be if I forgave them? They are my abuser.

5. What happened to me or a loved one was just too horrible to forgive.

Please take a moment and think about which reason feels true for you.

The real Truth is that not one of these statements above is True and you’ll learn why during this opening to love home study course.

Forgiveness is a process not an event. Opening your heart can take time and

you want to do it with care and support and a step-by-step process.

When you take part in Opening To Love: A Home-Study Virtual Course on Forgiveness and Freedom you’ll learn how to

* Open your Heart Confidently

* Protect Yourself

* Tap into your inner wisdom when making decisions

* Attract your perfect partnership

* Bring more loving into your life

*Let go of those relationships that are hurting you

Have you gone through a break-up that you haven’t recovered from?

In Opening to Love: You’ll break through what has been holding you back from taking your power back and moving on.

Isn’t it time to be back in the driver’s seat of your life?

  • Are you afraid to trust yourself because of bad decisions you’ve made in the past?

Let me show you how to turn that around...just like I did.

No one was there to guide me when I lost my mom. There was no one I knew who had gone through the level of devastation and betrayal I was feeling. Because I felt alone and misunderstood I closed down and lived with shame about everything that happened. I felt damaged.

  • Do you feel shame because of your circumstances?

You don’t have to anymore. And you’ll learn how to transform that shame into self-honor during this course.

One day one of my friends from acting class told me about a Spiritual Psychology Program she was attending that was changing her life. It was a big commitment of time and money. Two years and ten’s of thousands of dollars. (My friend actually ended up dropping out). But I was so committed to feeling better that I didn’t care what it took. I would do anything to get out of the darkness I was living in. I went to the school and received my Master’s Degree.

I didn’t know at the time that I’d be blessed enough to heal those parts inside of me that seemed broken and then I’d be teaching what I learned to you so you won’t have to do this alone.

It’s depressing to feel like you are alone in your pain. And it’s just not true.

  • Has someone you loved cheated on you? Or disrespected you and you find yourself replaying what happened.

One woman who attended a live workshop of mine was currently married (9 years) to a man who recently told her he wanted to stay married but no longer wanted to be monogamous. She could take it or leave it. She took it. She was devastated. On further exploration during my coaching I found out that she was most devastated by her choice to stay and accept this new information from her husband without standing up for what her needs were. And it also turned out that this was the second time in her life that a long-term relationship took this turn. By realizing that this was a pattern specific to her, we went on to work directly with her internal beliefs that may have caused this to happen not once-but twice in her life. It wasn’t about self-blame or over-responsibility. She left the workshop empowered to look at what she needed from her relationship, with a commitment to speak her truth without blame (that was key to her freedom and I’ll explain why during the weekend) and then to make a decision about her marriage from her newly centered place.

  • Are you in a relationship where the communication is either non-existent or abusive?

If this is you-you’re not alone. In this self-paced audio series you’ll find out why you’ve stayed in an abusive (emotionally or physically) relationship when you yearn for a more meaningful relationship and more importantly you’ll learn how to make a change.

Maybe you’re afraid to commit to anyone because you were raised in a household where there was abuse or a parent left and you felt abandoned and you never want to feel the pain of abandonment again.

Let me teach you how to separate the facts from the story you’re telling yourself about them so that you can start experiencing true intimacy with your loved ones or the loved ones that you’ll be calling into being.

  • Have you hurt a loved one and can’t forgive yourself because you can’t take it back?

If you’ve acted abusively to someone (by shutting down your heart and withholding love or lashing out in rage) I’ll teach you how to forgive yourself while at the same time taking responsibility for your behavior so you don’t repeat it.

  • Are you the one you shut your compassion down to the most?
  • Do you find you can be there for others but not yourself? That’s a form of self-abuse. YOU CAN CHANGE THIS NOW!

Is it possible that you’ve held a memory of how unforgivable you were for years and because of it you haven’t really be LIVING? You haven’t felt worthy of experiencing more good things?

I worked with a Vietnam vet who couldn’t forgive himself for letting his men down and he finally realized that he was continuing the hurt by withdrawing from his kids and loved ones. He felt so guilty that he wasn’t allowing love in or out…until then.

Another client abused herself with alcohol for years (she’s clean now but has not been in a loving long term relationship ever) because her father told her he never wanted her when she was 8. She took his words on like they were her own and continued to punish herself by numbing out and keeping her heart closed down. After all, she expected rejection, just like what she got from her dad.

She was able to finally let it go of this misinterpretation of reality and start creating her new reality after working with me…working with the exact same tools I’ll be giving you in this home-study course.

Are you ready to break through your personal barriers to experience more love and happiness in your life?

During Opening to Love

You’ll identify where the love ‘leaks’ are and you’ll learn how to plug them up with self-honor, self-care and self-love.

No more stuffing that gaping whole with food, addictions and depression.

Have you ever heard this quote by Albert Einstein?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

This is the thing…there are consequences to inaction or doing the same thing over and over when it’s not working.

There are consequences for giving your power away and not taking action whole-heartedly.

* Unhappiness

* Depression

* Poor health

* Lack of Intimacy

* Beating yourself up

* Attracting more bad relationships

* Lack of love

I want to mention something here:

I really believe that having someone to love, someone to give your love to is as important as having someone love you. I didn’t realize this when I was alone. I’m going to tell you an easy way to get in the ‘love’ game when you listen to Opening to Love.

Opening to Love is a comprehensive step-by-step system that you can complete as an intensive weekend of breakthroughs or you can go through all the material and exercises at a slower pace. 





Are you ready to truly let go of your pain?

One thing I know for sure...It can all be gone in an instant…your dreams, your joy, your family. I learned it by losing my mom and for all intents and purposes my entire family on that one fateful night in 1995 -your life will not last forever. Those festering emotional wounds that come from repressing your anger, and living from fear won’t go away by wishing them away and your time here is limited. Your time to love and create a loving partnership or to manifest your dreams are limited. I want you to live your best life filled with peace, joy and contentment. 

I’ve learned so much in the fifteen years since my mom died, during the ten years I’ve performed my critically acclaimed one-woman show (My Brooklyn Hamlet) about my life-story and the power of forgiveness and during the last four years, as a transformational life coach, leading workshops on forgiveness and setting healthy boundaries for spiritual communities, Coalitions against Domestic Violence, for the US Airforce and mental health groups.

Things won’t change unless you make a commitment to change and back that up with taking different actions.

I invite you right now to experience some of the same shifts that participants in the live workshop experienced:

  • One woman forgave her father for the last time.
  • One person learned how to get to the core of her beliefs that had been holding her back so she could show up more powerfully in the world.
  • Each person connected to their freedom symbol-which bypassed their active egoic mind. You’ll have a chance to tune into yours during one of the exercises I lead.

Opening to Love is a powerful way for you to experience more happiness and love in your life.

**Service is also another way to get out of your head and into your heart**

Service changed my life for the better. During my loneliest times I would volunteer for others. It’s really a great thing to do during the holidays if you are feeling alone and/ or depressed.

Here’s some ideas from places I’ve volunteered at:

The Boys and Girls Club, Veterans Hospitals, Adult Homes, Childrens Hospitals, Theatre Companies, Fundraisers, Spiritual Communities, Schools, with Youth at Risk.

My personal life experiences and triumphing over the loss and grief has drawn me to this work. Let me help guide you. You’re not alone.

If you’re ready to let go of your pain and experience a proven method of opening yourself to more loving – then click this button

This program covers

  • How to Set Healthy Boundaries so you can feel safe
  • How to tap into your intuition so you stop making bad decisions
  • How to stop obsessing about someone or something and gain more freedom
  • How to have the relationship you want and honor yourself
  • How to increase your self-esteem and confidence and experience more loving

Imagine it’s 1 year from today and you are experiencing

  • the life you want
  • a terrific relationship
  • extreme confidence
  • an inner knowing that you are on the right path
  • creative satisfaction

When you think of this $97 is really just a drop in the bucket.

Day 1: Discovery 

Session 1:

  • Uncover  hidden beliefs.
  • Stop sabotaging yourself
  • Increase your confidence
  • Tap into your intuitive side
  • Feel more balanced
  • Focus on what’s good

Session 2:

  • Find out how anger serves you
  • Gain clarity with a witnessing process
  • Identify and Transform Betrayal
  • Separate Truth from Fantasy
  • Identify the role you’ve been playing in your relationships
  • Learn Step 1 of Brenda’s Forgiveness Process: Acceptance

By the end of this special session you’ll be able to turn your anger into compassion. You’ll be hearing real life examples and have an arsenal of tools in your personal healing toolkit to make the change you’ve been seeking to finally feel better.

Day 2: Implementation

Session 3:

  • What role discernment and responsibility play in your freedom
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • Cutting someone off vs Being a doormat
  • Learn to respond instead of react
  • Activate and heal memories that have kept you stuck in the past
  • Keys for getting and staying centered and balanced

Session 4:

  • What role does choice play?
  • The most important questions to ask yourself.
  • Steps 2 and 3 of Brenda’s Forgiveness Process: Giving up Righteousness and Moving into Gratitude
  • Letting Go of  the story if it’s keeping you away from love
  • The importance of living an intentional life

Bonus Session

Learn how to use Emotional Freedom Technique to feel more peaceful, clear and joyful, while releasing emotional and physical blocks. Join me in this interview with an expert EFT practitioner as she leads you through a powerful release process.

Wrap-Up Session : It’s a Celebration of You!

You’ve let go of your resentment and anger from the past and you are moving into the future like a bright ray of light. There’s an inner joy that you are experiencing after releasing and uncovering pain that had been hiding from you in the shadows. You are in the perfect place to attract someone vital and loving and new. Perhaps your soulmate? One thing is for sure–you are attractive in this place of embodying confidence and gratitude. You may be ready to transform the relationship you are in.

It’s a virtual party filled with

  • Meditation
  • Personal sharing from the live participants.
  • Integration of the over 20 tools you’ve learned during the program.

Isn’t it time to let go or your grudges and resentments? You can now-if you learn how to set healthy boundaries so you don’t get hurt again.

You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t.

It’s like jumping in your car to go on a road trip and continuing to look in the rear view mirror.

How far do you think you’ll get?

You want to look behind you as far and as long as you need to, to make sure you are safe and then it’s time to go full speed ahead.

Opening to Love can help you do that.

Order now and see for yourself!

Like I said before,

This program covers

  • How to Set Healthy Boundaries so you can feel safe
  • How to tap into your intuition so you stop making bad decisions
  • How to stop obsessing about someone or something and gain more freedom
  • How to have the relationship you want and honor yourself
  • How to increase your self-esteem and confidence and experience more loving

How many times have you not hired that teacher, coach, therapist or taken that program that called to you because it was priced way too high for your comfort and for your budget?

How may times have you lived in regret or what could have been because you were just too scared to change?

How would your life be different if you weren’t afraid…or didn’t procrastinate and lose out on this great opportunity?

What will happen if you don’t take this action?

Most likely you’ll continue to experience more of the same….

  • more unfulfilling relationships
  • you’ll continue to be taken advantage of
  • your self-esteem will remain where it is
  • you won’t be able to get out of the endless loop of obsessive thinking
  • you won’t be living your artistic potential

Here are some things that can happen for you if you decide to make this investment in yourself…

Could this light-bulb moment from a coaching client of mine be yours…?

“Today we talked about a small piece; i.e., you are giving crumbs when you accept crumbs in a relationship. This is a very interesting and healing concept. 

In other words, X was giving me crumbs, but I was allowing it.

I was not taking care of myself, and living up to my person, so I was not authentic, not able to give more than a shadow of myself, CRUMBS.

This makes sense in the financial arena also.

If I overspend to make relationships a priority, I am also hurting my life, setting up my financial picture to be crumbs also.

The same goes for the body, take care of me; mind, body, and spirit.

Then I will feel good, and I will draw good back into me.

I will be able to give more than crumbs, I will be able to receive more than crumbs.”

Tim, Oklahoma

Or maybe you’ll discover something you didn’t know before?

“Your course, it’s given me a lot of insight into how to deal with certain issues in my life (I too need to forgive my father). I never really realised how vital it is to forgive for our own sakes. Great course!” 


And the weekend is designed to be supportive and loving -that’s my style…

“Brenda is an amazing coach. I feel lucky to have worked with her. She was loving, kind, enthusiastic, intuitive, and at the same time didn’t let me get away with not getting to the root of things. I highly recommend Brenda to anyone who wants to let go of old stuff, rewire their brains, and move forward in a big way.” 

Linda Walling

Almost every week I receive gratitude emails from people who have worked with me either personally, taken part in my live or recorded teleclasses or read my ebook to let me know how their life has changed for the better because of something they learned.

Isn’t it time to value yourself and to love yourself whole-heartedly by making this decision for yourself right now?

There is no place else you’ll get this comprehensive list of exercises, in this easily applicable format, from your home, for this price!

This is what you’ll get:

  1. A personalized assessment form. (You’ll receive that as soon as you sign-up)
  2. Recordings of 5 group coaching sessions with me(delivered to you as MP3s for easy download)
  3. Recording of 1 group call where I interview an Emotional Freedom Technique expert
  4. Handout from the EFT expert
  5. Homework assignments from me to deepen your learnings
  6. Just added – Forgive and Be Free: A Pathway to Personal Happiness. ( $15 value) This is my 100 page ebook which is the ultimate guide on forgiveness, setting healthy boundaries and experiencing freedom.

The cost for all of this is just $97.

You already know how much better you’ll feel being relieved of the pressure from your grudges and your regrets but there’s a physical benefit too. You’ll

  • Soften those fret lines around your mouth and eyes.
  • Transform those extra pounds that are actually helping to isolate you into more ways to love yourself.

It’s a proven fact that when you feel better about yourself you’ll start making more self-honoring decisions like eating better and exercising so you’ll get healthier.

Opening to Love: A Self-Paced Home Study Course on Forgiveness and Opening your Heart to Love

Let me help you get out of your rut!

There are so many ways to attract your ideal mate (or transform the relationship you have now into your ideal)

During this course you’ll discover what you need to do first, second, third and last to enjoy your life again.

Within just a few months of mastering the processes myself that I’ll be teaching you during Opening to Love I met the love of my life and we’ve been together for over 10 years. I could not have attracted and then maintained and grown my relationship had I not learned the skills I’ll be teaching you in this course. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I was also able to make some of the hardest decisions of my life with an inner knowing that I was doing the right thing and that I’d be okay. I took my dad to court for Wrongful Death back in 2001. I was able to make that decision from a place of centeredness and self-love. It was hard-I’m not saying it wasn’t. It was probably the hardest decision I made in my life. And…I knew how to support myself and get though it with an element of grace because of these tools I’ve honed and am now giving to you.

Would you like to learn how to make all your decisions from a place of confident knowing? Let me teach you how.

If you are ready to let go of your pain and start feeling better…

If you are ready to let go of having to be right and instead invite an element of surrender and so much more joy into your life…

then you owe it to yourself to get these tools and practice them:

Opening to Love: A Weekend of Forgiveness and Freedom

Start your journey to experiencing more loving right now.

It will be the best $97  you’ve spent.

Whenever I’ve signed up for programs in the past I’ve noticed that the learning and healings start taking place right after I’ve made the commitment.

Why not let the loving begin now….?

You are enough!

To your love breakthrough….

Brenda Adelman

Referred to as …

The Queen of Forgiveness

Have a question?

Forgive, Open Your Heart, Be Free,

Brenda Adelman

Out of Fear. Into Forgiveness. Onward to Freedom.

P.S. If it’s really time to make a change, join me for this home-study course and experience real freedom!

Brenda Adelman, M.A. in Spiritual Psychology will take you through the same processes she used herself to go from depression and addiction (to food and beating herself up about her weight) to living as a creative expression of the divine feminine. (Men are welcome too to stand up in their beautiful masculine power) The depression came from losing her mother when her father shot and killed her in 1995. The life-long love/hate relationship with food and her body came as a result of numbing to the chaos that was going on around her growing up. It was easier to obsess about her body than deal with her feelings about her own success and failure.